Dr.Amit Kamle Visits University Of Oxford, School Of Medicine Sciences

Dr.Amit Kamle, Director A.K.Educational Consultants visited The Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford which is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for biomedical, clinical research, teaching and is the largest of the academic divisions within the University.
There are over 5500 academics, researchers, NHS clinicians and GPs, and administrative staff, 1400 graduate and 1600 undergraduate students, together contribute to the extensive and exemplary research, teaching and clinical portfolios at the University campus.
There is a Doctoral Training Centre which hosts one Direct Entry D.Phil (PhD) programme for Clinicians and seven structured D.Phil. (PhD) programmes offered by the Medical Sciences Graduate School. Dr.Kamle was very happy to visit the medical division and shared his views and experience about the Oxford University & said, “Oxford University is a world-famous University for academic excellence and I am truly honoured to have visited this prestigious