It founded in the year 1915 as a Medical faculty of Donskoi University, in the year 1930 it graced on to become an independent medical institute, and today gains a status of a full fledged medical university. There are more than 64 departments in which the academic process is set rolling by more than 600 dedicated teaching staff, of which 70 are professors and doctors of science and 420 candidates of science. Annually 4000 students study in the institute and nearly 3000 doctors specialize to hone their qualification. The University has its own clinic with 1000 beds, and apart from this it has its bases in the prominent city hospitals enabling the students to inculcate sound practical knowledge and medicinal skills.From the year 1963 the degree of medicine has been conferred to more than 2,700 doctors from 90 countries across this globe and nearly 400 foreign doctors have received the degree of candidates of science. Making your stay comfortable and enriching for study is the well laid out student hostels with double rooms, library, study rooms and sport complexes. The University hostel accommodates around 2500 students where both Russian and foreign students reside amicably.

A.K.Educational Consultants is authorized & recognised by the Russian State Medical University to recruit foreign students to the Faculty of Foreign Students for studies in English Medium at the Russian State Medical University.


Moscow, the capital of Russia and it is the biggest political, industrial, scientific and cultural center. It is located in the centre of the European part of the country on the centre of the Moscow River. Nazi Armies were halted and defeated just outside Moscow during the second world war. In recognition of its war and labour features Moscow was awarded the title of – Hero City. Nowadays Moscow is a big industrial centre. It’s major industries are machine building, engineering, instrument making, metal working, electrical engineering and electronics. Moscow is also called centre of science and education. It is the seat of the Academy of sciences, several academies of specific sciences and hundreds of research establishments. It has some 80 higher education institutions attended by almost 7,00,000 students.