The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is one of the largest centres of education, research and culture of the westernmost European region of Russia. The University boasts the most sophisticated research equipment and infrastructure.The University mission is to represent and transfer best Russian practices of education, research and culture to Europe, and to increase international competitiveness of the Kaliningrad region by building up intellectual, scientific and technological capacity to transform the region’s economic and social life.

University Highlights

Status of University Federal
World Health Organisation check-arrow
USMLE check-arrow
Hostel/ Dormitories Available
QS EECA Ranking Top -200
Interfax (Russia) Ranking Top - 30
Indian Books in Library check-arrow
Medical Insurance check-arrow
Indian Cultural Events check-arrow
Marking System Grade
Aptitude Test Yes. Chemistry and Biology
International Airport check-arrow
Location Kaliningrad, European Russia
National Medical Commission India check-arrow
Medium of Instruction English
QS Bricks Ranking Top -200
RAEX (Russia) Ranking Top -100
National Exit Test/ FMGE Preparation check-arrow
Infrastructure Modern well equipped
Cricket and Sports check-arrow
Entry level HSc- 50% / NEET Qualified
Teaching Practical / Lectures
Practical Group 15 per practical group
Lecture Group 75 per lecture batch

The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University was established on October 13, 2010 by an order of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. It is one of the finest 10 Federal University of Russia.A most innovative university, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University strives to maintain and spread academic and research traditions of its predecessor – the Albertina University of Konigsberg.

The Albertina, one of the oldest universities in Europe, has a 460-year history. I. Kant, J. Hamann, J. Herder, F.W. Bessel, K. Jacobi, F. Linderman, А. Gurvits, D. Hilbert and H. Helmholtz taught at the Albertina University. К. Donelaitis, the founder of Lithuanian literature, studied theology there. E.T.A. Hoffman, the famous writer and composer, attended lectures in philosophy at Albertina.

The University’s greatest professor is Immanuel Kant, the world-famous philosopher, who was a Russian citizen for some time. The name of I. Kant forever linked the city of Königsberg and the Albertina University with the global history of culture and became the ‘trademark’ of the region. The mission of the University is to train competitive and qualified specialists, applying the latest technologies in order to ensure sustainable social and economic development of the Kaliningrad region. To reach its strategic objective of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is to provide human resources and technological support for the innovative development of the Russian exclave region on the basis of clusters formed in the Special Economic Zone of the Kaliningrad region. The University creates favourable conditions for attracting experienced specialists to the region. The University modernizes its infrastructure and installs unique and most sophisticated equipment in order to involve young scientists in fundamental and applied research.

Immanuel Kant Baltic University MBBS Fees

Searching for Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University MBBS fees? The fees keep updating every year and depend on factors like the inflation etc. Visit our office and talk to our experts, who will give you all the latest and updated information about Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University MBBS fees for Indian students.

A.K.Educational Consultants is authorized & recognised by the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University to recruit foreign students to the Faculty of Foreign Students for studies in English Medium at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

Kaliningrad is the westernmost region of the Russian Federation.Königsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known) was founded by Teutonic knights in the XIII century. It became one of the cities of the Hanseatic League and was once the capital of Prussia. The philosopher Immanuel Kant spent all his life in the city and died there in 1804.After the German defeat in 1918, the Polish Corridor of Danzig separated East Prussia and Königsberg from the rest of Germany. Hitler’s desire to reunite them was one of the sparks that lit WWII. The three months campaign by which the Red Army took the region in 1945 was one of the fiercest of the war, with hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides. The Conference of the Allies, which took place in Berlin in 1945, gave East Prussia to USSR.Today Kaliningrad is a dynamically developing trade and industrial centre of Russia’s westernmost region. The historical legacy of many centuries, which has garnered interest in the past years, successfully intertwines with signs of the third millennium, creating a unique combination, which attracts guests from all over the world.


line-image   The distance to the Russian capitals:

  • 1200 km to Moscow,
  • 1200 km to Saint-Petersburg

line-image   The distances to most European capitals are relatively short:

  • 350 km to Vilnius,
  • 400 km to Warsaw,
  • 600 km to Berlin,
  • 650 km to Stockholm,
  • 680 km to Copenhagen.

The degree programme focuses on the study of biological processes in the human body, disease mechanisms, prevention measures, treatment, and strategies of medical assistance to the patient. The graduates can be employed in various healthcare institutions.The goal of the programme is to provide clinical skills and knowledge necessary to care for patients and their families, to train highly qualified professionals who can compete in the market of medical services.

line-image   Benefits of the programme:

The Institute of Medicine has a modern research and educational infrastructure: the anatomy centre, simulation clinic, accreditation centre, clinical and diagnostic centre, classrooms with 3-D screens.

Upon completion of the degree programme, students will be able

  • to carry out preventive and regular medical examinations;
  • to collect and analyze medical data on general health indicators;
  • to diagnose diseases and pathological conditions of patients;
  • to provide primary medical health care to outpatients and hospital patients;
  • to provide medical assistance in emergency situations, including participation in medical evacuation;
  • to keep medical records;
  • to organize and carry out a medical expert evaluation;
  • to conduct research and fulfil applied tasks in diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

Programme Description

  • 31.05.01. General Medicine.
  • Duration of the Programme: 6 years.
  • Programme type: Full-time.
  • Language of instruction: Russian / English
  • Institute: Institute of Medicine.
  • Number of ECTS value of the programme – 360

line-image   Core courses:

History, physics, foreign language, propaedeutics of internal diseases, bioethics, mathematics, psychology and pedagogy, intermediate level therapy, work-related diseases, history of medicine, chemistry, Latin, advanced therapy, endocricnology, law, IT in medicine, biology, therapy for out-patients, philosophy, biochemistry, anatomy, neurology, neurosurgery, economics, microbiology, virusology, histology, embryology, citology, dermatovenerology, immunology, regular phisiology, psychiatrics, medical psychology, pathological anatomy, clinical pathological anatomy, pediatrics, pathological physiology, clinical pathophysiology, infectious diseases, medical genetics, phthisiology, topographical anatomy and surgery, rediodiagnostics, valeology, emergency medicine, general surgery, hygene, intermadiate level surgery, urology, epidemiology, hospital surgery, pediatric surgery, pharmacology, traumatology, orthopedics, public healthcare, healthcare economics, otolaryngology, forensic medicine, ophthalmology, physical education, dentistry, oncology, radiotherapy, hyneacology, clinical pharmacology, medical rehabilitation, anaesthesiology, intensive care, intensive therapy.

line-image   Elective courses:

History of Medicine in Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad, bioorganic chemistry in medicine, the Russian language and culture of speech, urogenital tumors, topical issues of medicine and law, biophysics, general first aid, drug and alcohol abuse, medical physics, clinical anatomy, sectional course, mathematical methods in medicine, business communication training, rational pharmacotherapy in neurology and surgery, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, health psychology workshop, oncology, applied physical training, clinical immunology, perinatal medicine, pain management, modern transfusiology

Medical Students and Graduates of the Institute undergo professional trainings and internships in various hospitals and clinics, City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care, the Regional Perinatal Centre, maternity hospitals of the region, the Kaliningrad Regional Children’s Hospital, and the University Clinic of Lübeck Germany. Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the degree programme, graduates can:

  • work as general practitioners;
  • continue training in residency

line-image   Dormitories

All international students can apply for the room at the university dormitory for the whole period of studies. There are double/triple rooms available. The rooms are furnished and have basic equipment. There is a joint kitchen and bathroom for 3-4 rooms in a unit. On the ground floor you can find a room with washing machines.

line-image   National Exit Test Preparation A.K.Educational Consultants prepares students for National Exit Test at IKBFU


A.K. Educational Consultants seek to help students to get prepared for the National Exit Test in early years of their medical course. To achieve this goal, A.K.Educational Consultants offers students online interactive lectures by leading Indian doctors and educational experts from the very first year in the University. Every day classes are conducted digitally and the information session is live and interactive, making it interesting and easy to grasp. Tests and mock tests are conducted regularly centred around every topic. Utmost care is taken through means of regular period breaks to ensure that students are not glued to the screen for a long time at a single stretch. Attendance of every day’s class is submitted to the University and the respective parent

line-image   Canteen


The University has a Canteen which serve Russian, Continental food at subsidized rates. There are McDonald’s, Pizza huts and Indian restaurants in Kaliningrad.

line-image   Library


Library of IKBFU is the centre of scientific information concentration in the Kaliningrad region. The Library serves about 16,000 visitors: students and the University staff. Having more than 50 years of history the Library has developed from the classical university repository disposing of rich collection of books and periodical to a modern research and educational unit.It allows to work with the most up-to-date sources of information. Any student has free excess to various e-data bases including IOP Historic Archive, Cambridge Journals Digital Archive Complete Collection, Oxford Online Reference, LexisNexis, Project MUSE , ProQuest Dissertations & These – Full text (PQDT -FT), Web of knowledge, Science Direct Freedom Collection (ELSEVIER), EBSCO Publishing, QUESTEL, Oxford Journals, JSTOR , eLI BRARY .RU , and etc. All Indian medical books are available for the students in the library.

International students already enrolled at a university abroad are welcome to apply for Merit Scholarship for Erasmus+ grant or bilateral agreement grant for exchange studies.

line-image   MERIT SCHEME

Level D :

  • Applicable from 2nd year onwards
  • 90% attendance of classes & lecturers
  • Grade 5 in all exams of semesters 3rd & 4th
  • 5% deduction in tuition fees

Level C :

  • Applicable from 2nd year onwards
  • 90% attendance of classes & lecturers
  • Grade 5 in all exams of semesters 5th & 6th.
  • 10% deduction in tuition fees

Level B :

  • Applicable from 2nd year onwards
  • 90% attendance of classes & lecturers
  • Grade 5 in all exams of semesters 7th & 8th.
  • 15% deduction in tuition fees

Level A :

  • Applicable from 2nd year onwards
  • 90% attendance of classes & lecturers
  • Grade 5 in all exams of semesters 9th & 10th.
  • 20% deduction in tuition fees

line-image   ERASMUS+

IKBFU participates in the Erasmus+ programme.

Now the University has academic mobility agreements with the following European universities:

  • University of Nicolas Copernicus University, Poland
  • Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
  • KU Leuven, Belgium
  • University of Bergen, Norway
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • University of Deusto, Spain
  • Lille University, France
  • Bologna University, Italy

Note : Scholarship not applicable for 1st & 6th year student, timely credit ( Zachot ) & exam permissions ( Dopusk ) is mandatory. Level wise scholarship will be available for one academic year only. If the students passes exams with grade 4, grade 3 he/she will not be able to scholarship benefits. This scholarship is student motivation in academics only & the grant of the same will be monitored by the respective administration division of grant of merit scholarship in the above said levels and is at the sole discretion university management

line-image   Indian Culture at IKBFU Campus

The IKBFU’s Institute of Medicine celebrate Indian Extravaganza every year. A concert is organised to the Institute’s professors, teachers, students, and intermediate and Kaliningrad city administration. The event is Indian-themed. There are songs, fashion show, dances, representation of India in the most unique way.

line-image   Cricket and Sports at IKBFU

Apart from education A.K.Educational Consultants focuses also on the extra curriculum of every student. Our students participate in Cricket, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis within the framework of A.K.Sports League.