About A. K. Educational Consultants

A. K. Educational Consultants (AKEC) is an Educational Foundation formed by Indian Doctors who themselves have completed Medical Education in Russia. The entire team is lead by Dr. Amit Kamle, a well known personality in the field of education abroad. All Universities promoted by AKEC are Government Universities controlled by the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Federation. A. K. Educational Consultants trusts in long lasting relations with students and measure our success in terms of success achieved by our students. A.K.Educational Consultants invites you to prestigious Russian State And Federal Universities to get the higher education in medicine. AKEC is an organization that carries out the functions of the international departments of the State Higher Education establishments of the Russian Federation.

  • The main activities of AKEC include representation of Russian universities abroad (holding exhibitions, seminars and conferences on education).

  • Preparation and execution of joint educational projects/ programmes run by universities and colleges of Russia and other countries. proceeding of the official invitation letters for foreign citizens to obtain a student visa. organization of the meeting of new coming foreign students to the Russian universities in the international airports in Moscow and their transfer to the chosen city and university. accommodation in the university hostel for the whole period of studies. inspection of educational documents for the possibility of admission to Russian university. providing the enrollment to the most prestigious universities to any specialty and up to the Degrees: Bachelor’s.

  • Enrollment of foreign citizens wishing to study at the state higher education establishments of Russia.

  • Providing the registration in the passport and visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the whole period of studies. providing of all text books for studies in the university library for free. controlling the students’ academic progress. informing the parents on the student’s progress and behavior upon their request. providing any other kind of help to students during their period of studies. representing students’ interests in the university and any other state authorities. assistance in case of unforeseen consequence such as illness problems with adjusting to new academic programs and so on.

We welcome those who are looking up for Medical Education in Russia.