Dr.Amit Kamle Invited By Sakal Media Group (Saam Tv) To Guide Students To Study Mbbs In Russia

Dr.Amit Kamle, Director A.K.Educational Consultants was invited to guide the students desirous to study MBBS in Russia by Saam TV in a special Live program “Maharashtra Calling”. Having studied Medicine and worked in Russian Federation for past 15 years Dr.Kamle understands the pattern of Russian Education which he shared with students and emphasized that taking a year drop and giving again CET in India would not be a ideal option in this competitive era and explained the recognition and importance of Russian Medical degrees by Government of India, why a student can go to study in Russia, syllabus and exams in Russian Medical Universities, which books can Indian students refer, information about screening test, security of students, Russian education and infrastructure in the Universities. He categorized the importance of parent’s role in education system and encouraged the parents that more girls should be allowed to perceive Medicine in Russia and that the parents should change the way of their thinking according to society and relative barriers because of which many girls are deprived of going to Russia. The parents were overwhelmed with the interview and thanked Dr.Kamle for his guidance.