Why Study MBBS at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University through A.K.Educational Consultants?

Russia is among the most popular destinations in the world for Indian students to study MBBS. The country has many universities offering a competent MBBS curriculum. One of them is Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU). It is one of the Best Russian medical colleges for Indian students.

But what makes it an exclusive place to Study MBBS in Russia ? A.K.Educational Consultants India (AKEC India) gives you five reasons you must enroll at IKBFU.

5 Reasons to Study MBBS at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University through AKEC India

IKBFU has consistently proved that it is a distinguished medical university in Russia for Indian students. There are many reasons that make it evident why many Indian MBBS aspirants choose IKBFU. Let's look at five important ones.

Global Recognition

IKBFU is recognized by statutory bodies like the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and the Medical Councils of Canada, Australia, India, etc.

These recognitions contribute to the value of the MBBS degree you earn from this university. Thus, a 6-year MBBS degree from IKBFU qualifies for your potentially promising career opportunities worldwide.

Excellent Rankings

A university's national and global ranking forms a decisive factor among the digitally-driven generation of millennials. IKBFU proves its credibility here as well. Accordingly, take a look at some of IKBFU's rankings.

  • QS EECA Ranking Top 200

  • Interfax Russia Ranking Top 30

  • QS BRICS Ranking Top 200

Reasonably Priced Education

IKBFU is a government university in Russia. Hence, the cost of studying MBBS in Russia at IKBFU is significantly lower than at many other institutions. But while controlling educational costs, IKBFU hasn't compromised its quality of education.

The institution has qualified and experienced faculty members, extensive practical exposure, and a supportive learning environment that enables students to study wholeheartedly and learn comprehensively.

Remarkable Learning Infrastructure

IKBFU is a vibrant learning place for students. It conducts training in English throughout 6 years. It has a well-maintained student-teacher ratio of 15:1. Some other aspects of IKBFU's brilliant learning infrastructure include:

  • Classroom methodology that focuses on practical use of knowledge

  • Smart, modern, and interactive learning sessions

  • A multicultural learning environment where students prosper culturally

  • 3D teaching technology for more effective learning

  • Modern anatomy theater for experimenting and practical experience

  • Focus on building students' charismatic personality

Studying in Kaliningrad

Situated in the western Russia, Kaliningrad is a peaceful and an amazing place to study. Featuring mesmerizing views and beautiful beach at the Baltic Sea, the city’s serene environment lets you focus on studies. The city is proximal to Warsaw (approximately 400 kilometers) and Berlin (about 730 kilometers), Kaliningrad is well-connected with other cities across Europe as well.

A.K.Educational Consultants allows you to interact with the locals with frequent city visits, explore the local culture and experience the city’s exuberance. In addition, the university arranges planned visits to Amber Museum, Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Cathedral and the City Center. So, it isn’t only about study but enjoying and creating unforgettable memories in the long run.

Comfy Hostel Facilities and Library

While studying at IKBFU, students don't have to worry about their stay. The university offers the following to help students stay comfortably and focus on their studies.

  • Seven to eight well-equipped hostel buildings

  • Adequately-sized hostel rooms

  • One boys’ hostel building

  • One girls’ hostel building

  • Laundry facility

  • Gymnasium

  • Wi-Fi

  • Reading rooms

In addition to the above, the hostels are centrally located to help students fulfill their daily needs like groceries and find commuting easier to their hospitals and clinics in the city. AKEC India and IKBFU ensure comprehensive care to make students feel comfortable by providing a range of excellent hostel facilities.

Accordingly, IKBFU offers a comprehensive library with Indian books for all students provided exclusively by A.K.Educational Consultants. Besides, AKEC India students at IKBFU get an opportunity to showcase their talents and potential across art, science, sports, etc. But here are some more reasons you must choose A.K.Educational Consultants to Study MBBS in Russia.

  • 21 years of guiding students to study MBBS in Russia at best government universities

  • Admission, loan, and visa assistance

  • Travel arrangements & airport pick-up

  • Hostel and city orientation arrangements

  • Pre-departure briefing and get together

  • Annual students meet in Russia

  • Annual parents' meeting in India

  • Semester and yearly attendance and performance student report

  • Merit scholarships based on the student's semester performance

A.K.Educational Consultants, the official representatives of IKBFU, arrange medical licensing coaching classes for students for FMGE/NEXT.

AKEC India exclusively invites the professors and lecturers from India to deliver the lectures for aspiring students and guide them to help them excel in the Indian medical licensing exams. Thus, AKEC India does everything possible to help students qualify and transform their dreams into reality.

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