FMGE Success: Gateway to Practice in India Unlocked!

Do you want to study MBBS in Russia and later on want to practice in India after completing your studies? Then, you will have to pass the Foreign Graduate Medical Examination (FMGE) which the National Board of Examination (NBE) conducts twice every year in June and December.

FMGE is a challenging assessment that puts your knowledge about various concepts to the test. Hence, it is difficult to crack and has a poor pass rate. Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible to pass the examination. With early, consistent and targeted efforts, you can clear the examination effortlessly, the way many of A.K. Educational Consultants students (AKECeans) did in the FMGE December 2023 session of the examination. But how did they do it? Let’s unveil the secrets.

5 Secrets to FMGE Success – Know from the People Who Made It Possible!

As a responsible educational foundation, A.K. Educational Consultants makes targeted and consistent efforts to prepare students for FMGE. We handhold students in every aspect of the preparation to help them earn a competitive edge during FMGE. Here’s how we continue to do it.

1. Quality- and Merit-Based Selection Process

At A.K. Educational Consultants, we lay the foundation of FMGE success with our quality- and merit-based selection approach and process. We understand that many people aspire to study MBBS in Russia. However, medical studies are no joke. Hence, we prioritise merit and capabilities and assess aspirants across various aspects like their understanding of concepts, intelligence and aptitude and then, select the most deserving ones. So, all our students who study MBBS in Russia are meritorious ones who’ve qualified our stringent selection process.

2. Preparations from the First Year

FMGE isn’t merely critical but tough. It is fundamentally a licensing examination, clearing which is imperative for a foreign medical graduate to be able to practice medicine in India. Hence, you cannot stay casual about it and prepare only when the exams approach. Preparations have to begin from the first year and continue consistently until the last one with the active participation of students and teachers.

At A.K. Educational Consultants, we begin preparing students for the crucial assessment from the first year. That gives them enough time to understand concepts, undergo numerous assessments and build confidence. We dedicate sessions for FMGE and ensure strict adherence to the schedule.

3. Effective and Comprehensive Learning

We also attribute our students’ phenomenal FMGE success to our faculty members. The latter work relentlessly throughout every year to guide students, handhold them wherever required, help them understand concepts, answer their questions and ensure extensive practice via mock assessments. We follow a weightage-based approach for FMGE. It means we prioritise subjects or concepts that carry the most weight and ensure practice accordingly. That precisely helps our students focus on what’s more important from the FMGE perspective.

Additionally, we arrange for books written by Indian authors, ensure English medium education, personalised attention towards every student, adopt a patient-centric education approach and provide onsite coaching for better theoretical and practical understanding. This way, we simplify learning as much as possible and make it more effective.

4. Competent Assessments

Another vital dimension of our FMGE success is our competent assessments. We prepare students through MCQ-based FMGE coaching from the first year. Our faculty members conduct extensive practice sessions via daily, weekly, and monthly mock evaluations. While ensuring students’ active participation, we also involve parents by sending the mock assessment report of their child to keep them updated about the latter’s progress.

5. Eliminating Fear and Keeping Students Motivated

A common reason for failure in FMGE is fear. Here, faculty members play a significant role. Although critical, FMGE is like any other examination students have attended throughout their academic journey. Hence, the key is to be sincere and fearless. Our teachers work in this area and eliminate the fear of the examination. Besides, through constant practice and active involvement, they keep students motivated throughout and encourage and support them to deliver what it takes to clear the examination.

Unlocking the Doors to FMGE Success with A.K. Educational Consultants!

At A.K. Educational Consultants, we do not limit ourselves to facilitating education but guiding and empowering students. With a holistic approach, meticulous efforts and consistency, we make our students capable of succeeding in FMGE. So, call us at 77458 87555 and explore more about your journey with us!