Are there any Disadvantages to Studying MBBS in Russia?


Russia is undoubtedly one of the most preferred places for budding Indian students to study MBBS. Some reasons include excellent academic infrastructure, accommodation facilities, high education quality, low cost of living, no entrance exams, etc. But there exist some disadvantages to studying MBBS in Russia as well. As you will be spending about six years in the country, knowing them beforehand can help you stay prepared.

6 Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Let's look at some generic disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia. However, whether these prove disadvantages and how long depends on a person's adaptability. Besides, the choices also matter. Partnering with a professional consultant like A.K.Educational Consultants can help make the right decision.

1. Russia's Climate

One of the foremost challenges students encounter while studying in Russia is its extreme weather. The temperatures in most places remain perpetually low. The temperatures stay below zero degrees Celsius for about three to four months. 

This can pose a problem for many Indian students, especially those from the western and southern parts of the country, where the conditions are usually hot and humid almost throughout the year. Such students may take time to acclimatize. Accordingly, choosing a university and accommodation with adequate heating systems can help. 

Adapting to the cold climate is a matter of time. Persistence and determination can empower students with the capability to adapt to Russia's local weather.

2. Language Barrier

Language is another significant barrier that Indian students confront during the initial days. Accordingly, students must choose universities that offer education in English. Interacting with the locals can remain a challenge. But making some effort to learn Russian can help simplify things in the long run and make the stay seamless.

3. MBBS Duration in Russia

Although it isn't a significant disadvantage, some may consider it one. The duration of MBBS in Russia is a little longer than that in India. In Russia, the duration is about six years. Whereas, in India, pursuing MBBS involves 4.5 years of classroom study and one year of internship, which makes it 5.5 years. 

4. Indian Food and Accommodation

Some students gel with the local culture, food, and conditions quickly. But some take time. There could be many reasons, out of which some are very specific, like privileges available back home, inherent nature, health conditions, etc. Initially, such students may need help with the food facilities available in Russia. 

However, quality and standard of education should be preferred while choosing a university rather than selecting a University or college that offers Indian food services. Many agents and consultants promote Indian food services in Universities or colleges with substandard or low infrastructure. So one has to be careful and mentally prepared to cook on our own also. 

University-governed hostel accommodation may make life simpler while studying MBBS in Russia. Though not all Universities and colleges offer good and comfortable living conditions. Moreover renting an apartment involves risk and security issues. 

5. Culture and Addictions

Russia offers a vibrant and addicting nightlife. Many locals indulge in night parties and various other activities. These could be luring, and many students might fall prey to their addictions. That will not only distract them from their studies but adversely impact their health in the long run. Let alone the negativity that will blossom with time!

OK. That shouldn't deter students or parents from choosing Russia for MBBS. One potential solution to avoid it is to choose accommodation provided by the university, where student movements within the premises and in and out timings are strictly monitored and controlled by the hostel authorities.  

6. FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) Test After MBBS

After completing MBBS in Russia, students have yet another test to appear in India. They have to pass the FMGE to continue their medical practice in India. Although it isn't a disadvantage particularly, taking up the examination is the student's responsibility if they want to pursue medical practice in India.

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No place in the world is perfect. Advantages and disadvantages are inevitable, no matter the country or the city you choose to study in. The question is how prepared you are for those disadvantages and how you cope with them. Making choices in a hurry may make you suffer later. Six years is a pretty long duration. Hence, you need to choose the right university and city to minimize the effect of disadvantages.

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