Why Over 77% of Students Failed in FMGE 2023?

Recently, the National Board of Examination (NBE) declared the results of the FMGE December 2023 session. The exam was attended by 37,827 students, out of which only 7,781 qualified. The results show that nearly 77 per cent of students failed the FMGE. Of course, cracking FMGE is challenging. The results across the past decade haven’t been impressive either. However, why do you think FMGE’s passing rate is so meagre? Let’s look at a few reasons for it in this blog and overview some factors that make A.K. Educational Consultants with an excellent FMGE result, a distinct education partner to study MBBS in Russia.

Potential Reasons for a Poor FMGE Result

FMGE, which stands for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, is an assessment that every foreign medical graduate has to appear and qualify to be able to practice in India. For something as critical, you should prepare well in advance and ensure consistency. However, many medical universities and colleges do not take the exam as seriously as they should. As a result, their students fail in FMGE. But what is the root cause of it? Here’s the answer!

Substandard Universities and Education

We understand that studying MBBS in Russia has a significant cost associated with it. For many aspirants, the fees are unaffordable. While that’s true, many students are compelled to make substandard choices. And that, precisely, marks the beginning of the damage!

Many students choose substandard or low cost budgeted universities that do not have a proper infrastructure, the right education ecosystem and the correct learning pedagogy. These factors cloud a student’s understanding of various subject matters and minimise their chances of qualifying for the examination.

Incompetent Student Selection Procedure

An improper and incompetent student selection procedure is another reason for a poor FMGE result. Many universities, colleges and educational foundations select students on a first-come first-serve basis. They do not have a proper student selection procedure. Hence, they tend to select anyone and everyone.

Here, it should be understood that aspirations and eligibility are two different things. The latter is a reality that needs sincere acceptance. Unfortunately, many out there fail to understand this and select students only to fill in the seats.

Inadequate Preparations

Preparing for the FMGE is a multi-dimensional aspect. Why and how? It covers a comprehensive curriculum and puts the candidate’s knowledge to the test. Accordingly, it requires preparing from the initial stages, staying consistent and employing appropriate and competent techniques to drive student success.

Many universities do not have such a vision and approach. Most of them begin preparing late with incompetent learning techniques, or with both. That does not give students adequate time to prepare, thus leaving their understanding of various concepts half-baked. As a result, they do not achieve the success they would have otherwise with timely and comprehensive preparations.

Lack of or Short-Lived Motivation

Another significant reason for the poor FMGE result is the lack of motivation and motivation that loses steam and fizzles out with time. Many universities fail to create an environment that keeps students motivated to clear the FMGE. Perhaps, many of them begin early. But with time, they lose focus and consequently the possibility of clearing the examination.

Fear in Students

Although challenging, FMGE is any other exam students would have attended until then. Yes. It is a crucial one, tough and determines the professional fate of the graduate. Nevertheless, most students get anxious about the exam. That hinders their ability to prepare fearlessly and confidently. Faculty members play a vital role in driving fear away. But if they aren’t aligned with the thought, how can one expect the student to be fearless? It sounds unfortunate. However, that’s the truth in many places. While preparing academically, universities and teachers should make an effort to instil confidence in students.

Why do A.K. Educational Consultants Students Achieved Historic Success in FMGE?

The most significant reason our students were remarkably successful in FMGE is our approach. It focuses on quality, enhancing student confidence, ensuring consistency and giving students enough time to prepare for the big day. Our pass percentage has been much higher than the average passing percentage. Here’s why.

  • A stringent and quality-driven student selection process.
  • Merit-based selection approach
  • Ensuring English medium education in every university associated with us
  • Arrangement of books written by Indian authors to simplify understanding
  • MCQ-based FMGE coaching from the first year itself
  • Personalised guidance for and attention towards every student
  • Patient-centric education for a better comprehension of concepts
  • Onsite coaching for better theoretical and practical understanding
  • Dedicated and experienced teachers who simplify concepts
  • Extensive practice through daily, weekly and monthly mock assessments
  • Parents receive mock exam reports and are updated of their child’s progress
  • Weightage-based practice of every subject
  • Exclusive question-and-answer sessions
  • Real-time student assessment
  • Eliminating the fear of examination via counselling

Final Words!

FMGE is a pivotal assessment. Hence, one cannot take it casually or keep delaying its preparations. The preparation for it should ideally begin from the first year and continue until the last one with equal dedication, devotion and zeal. A.K. Educational Consultants does it. And we’ve proved it. Our efforts came to fruition when our MBBS batches clear FMGE in first attempt with flying colours! While being a moment of pride, it also signifies our dedication towards empowering students with the capabilities to achieve success. Call us at 77458 87555 if you want to study MBBS in Russia and explore possibilities.