Safety of Indian Students in Russia During War Times

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has wreaked havoc worldwide. But amidst growing tensions between these countries, what about the safety of Indian students studying MBBS in Russia? Of course, out there, the situation is challenging. But A.K. Educational Consultants is here to help. While facilitating our students in the best of medical universities in Russia, we are ensuring our best to keep our students studying MBBS in Russia, secure! But how are we doing it? Here’s more.

Safety First!

A.K. Educational Consultants is an organization of global repute. And, it isn’t for one reason but many. While ensuring every aspirant lands at the right medical university in Russia, A.K. Educational Consultants also ensures the safety and security of each of its students in Russia. We are students’ parents abroad who care for them for not a year or two but a entire six years.

For parents back home, A.K. Educational Consultants serves as an assurance. We work relentlessly to ensure continuous coordination between students, parents, and university. Every student is looked after, and our representatives in Russia ensure physical and emotional well-being with the highest possible security measures.

But how do we do it all? How do we assure parents of their children’s safety in Russia? Here’s the answer.

How do A.K. Educational Consultants ensure Students’ Safety in Russia?

We take several basic measures and, whenever required, walk the extra mile to help and keep students safe, and parents here are relieved of their child’s well-being on Russian soil.

With us, security starts with safe aircraft boarding in India and landing in Russia. Thus, the first security measure is to handhold students while boarding from India and manage all the travel related formalities efficiently. Other essential security measures include the following.

  • Maintaining a safe and trustworthy atmosphere in hostels and premises with the help of security guards.

  • Having students’ monitors in situations of emergency.

  • Keeping boys and girls in separate hostels (in select universities)

  • Ensuring constant communication with Russia’s medical universities during war times and regularly updating parents and students about their status

  • Providing emotional support to parents and students

  • Holding regular meetings with group monitors and hostel monitors

  • Managing war-related propaganda and misinformation carefully.

  • Avoiding panic among students for any reason

We empathize with the emotional condition of parents whose children are studying MBBS in Russia. Thus, we continuously ensure the right measures to keep students safe, and their parents updated about their well-being.

These aren’t promises but solid practical commitments. And, we’ve proved it when the Russia-Ukraine war was at its peak a few months ago. Our entire team relentlessly worked during those tough times and continuously coordinated with the authorities in Russia, students, university, and parents to ensure that students and parents stay connected with each other throughout and that the latter continue receiving updates about their safety.

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About AK Educational Consultants India

Are you looking to study MBBS in Russia? Accomplish your goal of becoming a doctor with AK Educational Consultants. We are a trustworthy and authorized Russian medical education consultant with a highly successful track record and reputation. We handhold MBBS aspirants in everything from pre-preparation to visa application and boarding to returning safely to India.

We partner with renowned medical universities across various well-known cities across Russia. While in Russia, we take care of food, accommodation, education, and, most importantly, the safety of our students. So, don’t wait. A world of exciting opportunities as a medical professional awaits you! We are here to assist and take care of you.

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