MBBS Students in Russia – The War Zone and Their Future

The Russia-Ukraine war that started in February this year hasn't stopped yet. The bombardment yet continues. While the war has profoundly impacted the global economy, what matters even more is the lives the war continues to impact.

Indian students in Ukraine have already taken a hit on their academics. But what about Indian students in Russia? How are they coping with the war zone environment, and what's their future in the country?

Let's look at these vital aspects and see how A.K.Educational Consultants (AKEC India) continues to help MBBS students in Russia and their parents back home.

Is there a Security Threat to Indian Students in Russia?

Expatriate security is one of the most critical responsibilities of a nation. Amidst the ongoing war, students in Russia and their parents back home have every reason to worry. But Russia is currently safe to study. Students and parents do not have to worry about the situation. Russian cities and universities are safe.

What is the future for current students and new aspirants who want to pursue MBBS in Russia during the War?

Since the situation is safe, existing MBBS students, who left Russia during the peak war days, can return to Russia and resume their studies. There are many students who chose to stay back in Russia and continued their education without any difficulties.

The situation isn't any different for new freshman aspirants. They can apply and enroll in an MBBS course in Best Russian Medical Universities. The situation is currently under control. Their studies wouldn't be interrupted.

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Europe has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students, in particular, to study MBBS. But Russia is among the top destinations that provide high-quality education and a reliable university degree. Apart from that, here are more reasons students should Study MBBS in Russia.

  • No donation

  • No capitation fee charged

  • No entrance exam

  • Aptitude tests are conducted by Federal Universities

  • Straightforward admission process

  • Global organizations like WHO, UNESCO, NMC and ECFMG recognize Russian medical degrees

  • Broad exposure to clinical practices

  • Living expenses up to INR 2500 every month but may vary from person to person

  • Outstanding medical infrastructure across the country

How Did AKEC India Handle the Situation for Existing MBBS Students in Russia?

AKEC India lived up to its reputation as the students' true partner during the adverse situation. Here's what AKEC India did to help its students.

  • Constant communication with parents

  • Continuous coordination with the local governing authorities to ensure students' safety during the war

  • The company's director looked into the concern to ensure students were attended to and cared for.

  • Uninterrupted education and timely examinations during the semester

  • Emotional and professional handling of parents' concern

  • Students were kept updated and motivated throughout

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