19 Th September 2016, Kazan, Russia: A.K.Educational Consultants Cherishes 10 Years Of Collaboration With Kazan State Medical University, Russia

A.K. Educational Consultants (AKEC) celebrated 10 glorious years of their collaboration with Kazan State Medical University, Russia, last week. A.K.Educational Consultants set up by Dr.Amit Kamle, M.D (Russia), Founder Director, is providing a channel to the students for quality higher education in Russia, which is very cost-effective compared to many other European countries and USA.
On the occasion, Prof.Aleksei Sozinov, Rector said, “A.K.Educational Consultants are our most trusted partner in India for 10 years now. We would like to continue this co-operation for many more years to come in future. Dr.Amit Kamle has played a vital role in establishing our University name and reputation in the Indian market and also worldwide. He is very punctual and disciplined in work that makes him stand out as compared to others”.
Said a proud Prof.Laisan Mukharyamova, Vice Rector, “Dr.Amit Kamle is very particular about the services associated within the framework of University. He is more focused on student welfare. He has placed over 450 Indian students in our University. So we are very privileged to have him with us. He chooses quality over quantity that what I like about him”.
Dr.Elena Koshpaeva Dean said, “Dr.Amit is family. He has been with me through thick and thin. He is most efficient and easy to work with as he knows the details of documents, rules and regulations and he takes care that all his students are well placed and comfortable. He is very selective in his intake and is in continuous touch with the administration, teaching faculty of professors, lecturers and teachers. He stays with his students for almost 6 months which rarely anyone does. I congratulate him and his company for this achievement”.
Summed up Dr.Kamle, “We represent the 3rd best University of Russia and it is our duty and responsibility to offer our parents and students the best opportunities of MBBS within the Russian network of Medical University. I am really thankful to Almighty God for this wonderful service being done through us and may He continue to bless us and our students and this collaboration”.