Dr.Amit Kamle, Director A.K.Educational Consultants Meets H.E. Prof B.E.Shakov, Rector Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy

11 November 2016: Dr.Amit Kamle, M.D(Russia) Director A.K.Educational Consultants meets Hon.Rector B.E.Shakov, Dean for International Students Prof.Erlykina.E.I, Head of International Department Kuznetsova A.A. Some very important discussions like mutual cooperation in the sphere of recruitment of Indian students in NizhGMA, student teacher exchange programs, introduction of Medical Council of India question banks in NizhGMA, hospital orientation programs in India for NizhGMA students, signing of Memorandum of understanding between Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University with leading hospitals of India through A.K.Educational Consultants.
Prof.Shakov was delighted to welcome Dr.Amit Kamle as A.K.Educational Consultants are the first consultants of NizhGMA to introduce Indian students to NizhGMA. He thanked Dr.Kamle for this help and support. Dr.Kamle presented Prof.Boris Shakov “Letter of Appreciation” for providing quality medical education to Indian students in NizhGMA. .