A.K.E.C Students Should Be Good Ambassadors Of India To Russia: Dr.Amit Kamle

The 2017-18 A.K.Educational Consultants (AKEC) student batch for studying MBBS in Russia, gathered on 10th September 2017, for the Pre Departure Student Parent meet in Aurora Towers, Pune. The student batches left to study MBBS in Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Kazan State Medical University. The parents & students were welcomed by Dr.Amit Kamle & Pornima Kamle. The meeting started with lamp lighting ceremony followed by presentations of University. The highlight of the meeting was the Hippocratic Oath Ceremony where the students pledged to be good and noble doctors. Dr.Amit Kamle, Director A.K.Educational Consultants addressed the parents and students and guided them about travelling tips, safety and security in the city and University premises, registration & visa regulations, syllabus & curriculum, exams, vacations, conduct & responsibility of parents, students. Dr.Kamle said, “All the AKEC students should be good ambassadors of India to Russia.” After the address Dr.Kamle interacted with parents and students to solve their queries. Ms.Akanksha Kokare of Mumbai said, “I finished my HSc from Ramnivas Ruia College Junior College with 60.62% marks. I was aware of A.K.Educational Consultants and their good work so I contacted them and Dr.Kamle sir and his team guided me and my family and I will be studying at Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. I am very excited for my future and was very happy to attend the Pre Departure Meet as it helped every student & parent to clear their queries and most importantly interact with each other.” Mr.Ashutosh Katwate of Satara said, “I cleared my NEET this year but yet I choose to study in Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy. The exposure I will get in Nizhny is more advanced which will help me achieve my goals.”
Mr.Vishwas Arude of Pune said, “I scored 81.54% in Hsc this year I have selected to study in Kazan State Medical University. I am sure to complete my education with good grades and complete Screening test of MCI in the first attempt.”
Mr.Rohan Walunj of Pune said, “I scored 70.46% in HSc in 2014, I was trying to get admission in India but I cannot afford to pay donation. My moral was uplifted by Dr.Amit sir who motivated me and I am very happy to be studying MBBS at Kazan State Medical University. Mrs.Minakshi Chaudhary parent of Ms.Puja Chaudhary from Bhusawal said,” I come from a rural background and to educate my daughter in Russia was never planned, but I was very happy to meet Dr.Kamle, whom. not only I but lakhs of parents across India trust. I can just say that my daughter is in safe hands.”
Mrs.Priyanka Dhuri parent of Mr.Ninad Dhuri from Vasai said, “My son will be graduating from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy this year. It is a very reputed and disciplined Academy with English medium training for Indian students. I wish all the best for the departing batch.”