A.K.Educational Consultants Organise A Pre Departure Student Parent Meeting For 2018 MBBS Student Batch.

AKEC Organise A Pre Departure Student Parent Meeting For 2018 MBBS Student Batch

19th September 2018, Pune: A.K.Educational Consultants organized a Pre Departure Student Parent Meeting at Sheraton Grand, Pune for 2018 MBBS student batch enrolled in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad which is located in European part of Russia.
Out of the enrolled students in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University the NEET toppers of this enrolled batch include Gajanan Sakhare from Beed scored 365 marks, Ruchita Parab from Mumbai scored 334 marks, Ashutosh Gawande from Buldhana scored 304 marks, Simi Shirolkar from Dubai scored 305 marks and Anushka Sonar from Jalgaon scored 301 marks . The chief guest for the ceremony was film actress Kishori Shahane. The event commenced by the national anthems of India and Russia respectively, after which the lamp lighting ceremony took place. Pornima Kamle welcomed the parents and students.
Dr.Amit Kamle, M.D (Russia) Director A.K.Educational Consultants interviewed Kishori Shahane who shared her views on medical education in Russia, the mental preparation that the students and parents have to go through during this entire admission process, social and family hindrances when such decisions are taken by parents for their children and their solutions. She also interacted with the students and elaborated on how to keep oneself entertained and occupied, stay away from distractions and focus alone on career, education and keep the dignity of Indian culture in Russia. Kishori Shahane praised Dr.Amit Kamle and his team for their wonderful social commitments, dedication, transparency, and trustworthiness. She added,” Dr.Amit Kamle is so attached to a child’s career that parents especially Maharashtrians feel they are giving their son, daughter to a family person itself. That is very important I feel.”
After the interview the enrolled students pledged the Hippocratic Oath. Dr.Amit Kamle felicitated the Aptitude test toppers Ruchita Parab from Mumbai, Samarpan Khandekar from Delhi, Krutik Patil from Raigad, Omkar Tillu from Nashik, Soumya Gaikwad from Pune, Ruchika Khodade from Pune and Rohan Jagdale from Aurangabad. The Aptitude Test toppers and the NEET 2018 toppers of this enrolled batch were given a free day trip to the Baltic Sea. Soumya said,” I am very happy to be a part of A.K.Educational Consultants family.”
Dr.Kamle said,” Out of the enrolled students for 2018 30% students passed HSc with 80% grades, 55% students passed with 70% grades, 10% students with 60% grades and only 5% students with 50% grades and above grades. So overall it’s a very competitive batch. Dr. Kamle briefed about the pre-departure formalities, University and city rules and life of a student in Russia in general. Simi from Dubai said,” My parents came all the way from Dubai to attend this Pre Departure function and we are all enlightened and excited now.” After the pre-departure Dr.Amit Kamle and his team interacted with parents and students and cleared all their confusions and doubts.
Mr. Ladkat from Pune said,” Initially I admitted my daughter in a different state university of Russia through a different consultancy, initially their staff was welcoming but after a point, we experienced that we are in a fix so I canceled my admission from there and got admission in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Dr.Amit Kamle and his entire team are so disciplined, transparent and have an unbiased approach and I am very happy to be a part of this family.”