Indians Studying MBBS In Russia At IKBFU Prepare For National Exit Test Courtesy A K Educational Consultants

Indians Studying MBBS In Russia At IKBFU Prepare For National Exit Test Courtesy AKEC

Just as the digital revolution is changing the way we take medications, it’s also responsible for revamping the ways we can learn and develop new skills and thankfully there is no dearth of high quality, professional educational opportunities available at the swipe of a smart screen. With the current technological overhaul in how we handle our medical care, has come a viable new demand for skills and education that caters not just to healthcare or technology, but to the boosting of both platforms in a single field. Healthcare and technology have undergone a paradigm shift lately, and for those of us already in these growing fields or looking to make the leap, there couldn’t be a better time to prepare ourselves accordingly. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and A.K. Educational Consultants launched a unique digital training programme to prepare its medical students from India for National Exit Test (NEXT).

The National Medical Commission Bill 2019, NEXT will also serve as a Screening Test for Foreign Medical Graduates who are now required to qualify Medical Council of India Screening Test (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or FMGE) and pave the way for admission into postgraduate medical courses. The rigorous testing is aimed at evaluating the quality of professional knowledge and practical skills of students in the field of Medicine at the end of their training. All Indian graduates who have graduated from universities abroad are required to pass the NEXT exam to prove their qualifications. According to the Act, a common final year undergraduate medical examination will be held for granting licence to practice medicine as medical practitioners and for enrolment in the State Register or the National Register. Usually, Indian students start preparation for the test after completing their education and receiving a degree, but the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and the A.K. Educational Consultants seek to help students to get prepared for the test in early years of their medical course. To achieve this goal, IKBFU together with A.K.Educational Consultants offers students online interactive lectures by leading Indian doctors and educational experts from the very first year in the University.

Every day classes are conducted digitally and the information session is live and interactive, making it interesting and easy to grasp. Tests and mock tests are conducted regularly centred around every topic. Utmost care is taken through means of regular period breaks to ensure that students are not glued to the screen for a long time at a single stretch. Attendance of every day’s class is submitted to the University and the respective parent. Dr. Amit Kamle, M.D (Russia), Director A.K. Educational Consultants, adds, “Every parent wants to give their child the best medical education possible. When choosing a reputed medical university in Russia parents prefer a university where education is provided in English, with comfortable dormitories and developed infrastructure and all these components are valid when making decisions about a child’s future career. I sincerely believe that the reputation of any university is built not only by its existing buildings and infrastructure but also by its teachers and successful alumni, who are its greatest assets. A.K. Educational Consultants together with Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is implementing a project to ensure that our students take the National Graduate Test training at early years of their medical course which is a key step in their careers and will help them later in future.

The University has a team of experienced teachers who teach in English. But now for the National Exit Test preparations we are starting online training courses in core subjects and plan to conduct classroom training in para clinical and clinical disciplines in the future. Parents of our students are happy with the way we keep our promises. And I am grateful to the university administration for supporting the initiative”. Upon passing NEXT, IKBFU graduates from India are bound to become more competitive and will have excellent career opportunities waiting for them. The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is Russia’s premier Federal University in Kaliningrad with state-of-the-art infrastructure such as the Simulation Clinic, 3 D techniques of training, clinical diagnostic centres, library with Indian books, separate girls’ and boys’ hostels within the University campus. Each hostel is equipped with free Wi-Fi, attached toilets and bathrooms, reading rooms and 24/7 security. According to Dr. Sergey Korenev, Director IKBFU Medical Institute, “This project will help immensely in adapting Indian students to the Indian healthcare system. The University offers modern Medical education, and the quality of the education has many times been considered as high by Russian and International experts alike. However, each and every country has its own distinctive features regarding medicine. Thus, it is important to help students from India get prepared to meet Indian Healthcare requirements. This in turn will improve the IKBFU’s prestige in India allowing us to enroll the most motivated students”.

Oshin Rajguru, 4th year student shares her experience, “This initiative by AKEC is a wonderful learning experience. Early mental preparation and correct approach is very important to appear for this test. I am privileged to get this additional value of knowledge during this pandemic. Moreover, constant guidance for post graduation training and courses is definitely beneficial for our student community.” Mrs. Susan Rajguru (Oshin’s mother) adds, “I’m very happy that Dr. Amit Kamle and the entire AKEC team is taking care of my daughter and mentoring her in the right way. The online classes for NEXT preparation are like an icing on the cake. I am very happy to have chosen IKBFU for my daughters’ future.”Russia is the most preferred destination by Indian students to study Medicine. Now medicine is in the midst of a shift never before seen. Information and technology are advancing at rates faster than our ability to adapt. The career options available at IKBFU in terms of medical education are plenty, and often overwhelming . The above partnership is a great way to get closer to your dream career in the field of medicine and covers a wide variety of skills you may encounter as requirements in the field of healthcare. As healthcare information technology continues to evolve, countless people will continue to jump on the bandwagon. But as you attempt to grow and learn accordingly in order to best equip yourself in a new marketplace, don’t forget to bring your passion, enthusiasm, and drive for something better to the learning table as well!