A.K.Sports League Kick Starts With First Chess Tournament @ Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

The A.K.Sports League 2019 commenced with Chess tournament at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia. The event was opened at the hands of Dr.Amit Kamle, Director A.K.Educational Consultants, Ms.Elena and Ms.Alice. The dignitaries appreciated the arrangements done by the Chess Organising Committee and International Office. Dr.Amit Kamle said,” Participation is more important than winning or losing in sports & it is very important basics to develop sportsmanship spirit.” The nail-biting tournament was a wonderful and thrilling experience for all the gathered students. After the qualifying rounds, Omkar Tillu and Prabhu Swamy made it to the final round. This final match between the two was a memorable one with Omkar Tillu coming victorious and winning the Chess tournament for December 2019 of the A.K.Sports League.