Dr.Amit Kamle Meet The Officials Of International Department @ IKBFU

Dr.Amit Kamle, M.D(Russia) Director A.K.Educational Consultants met the Head of International Department and office bearers at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia. The meeting focused to appoint Indian students and create various representative committees engaging #academics, #sports, #hostel, #travel, and #recreation. All committee heads will be required to provide information to the students, administrators, AKEC office staff and will be assigned duties and responsibilities concerning the students. The term of appointment is decided to be One Year and its extension will be decided by the International Department administration and AKEC Admin based on the output of the responsibilities & work carried by Heads of the committee.

Dr.Kamle said, “I feel that our Indian students have immense potential not only in academics but also in cultural activities. Now we want to extend our students’ horizons by encouraging them to participate in sports, travel, student exchange programs in #Europe, opportunities after graduation and train them for inter-university and inter-city competitions @ IKBFU.” Dr.Natalya added, “We welcome this initiative by Dr.Kamle and his team. We are looking forward to co-operating in the next avenues and directions whatever help is required from our end.”