no donation

No donation or
capitation fee!

federal universities

No entrance Exam! Federal Universities conduct aptitude test before enrolling Indian students.

easy admission process

Easy Admission

medical recognized

Russian medical degrees are recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), MCI (Medical Council of India), UNESCO (Switzerland), ECFMG (USA, UK) etc.

clinical practice

Wide range of possibilities and board exposure to clinical practice due to highly equipped multi – profile hospitals.


The living expenses for students are over around USD 50-60 (Up to Rs.2500) per month. This has made Russia as an economical educational destination.

kazan federal university

Study MBBS in Russia - Russian Medical Universities are the Institutions in the world offering direct medicine courses (MBBS, MD) like USA, France, Japan, etc. through six years duration of the medical courses.

remarkable distinction

Medical Education system in Russia has its own remarkable distinction on the world stage. The standard of Medical Education in Russia is considered to give one of the most advanced, superior & sophisticated in the world.

fee installment

Fees can be remitted on installments
per year in some universities.

high subsidy

The education fees are affordable due to
the high subsidy of the Russian Government.

student teacher

The student: teacher
ratio is approximately 15:1.


Medical Universities of Russian Federation are functioning under the Russian Govt. incharge of Public Health Ministry and Ministry of Science and Education. All the hospitals are Govt. Hospitals and connected with the medical university. Hence, the universities are well infra structured.


Classes are handled in English Medium by the higher caliber professionals experienced in USA, Russia & Europe with high profile medical standards.

condenial environment

Russian Medical University offers congenial environment to study and get acquainted with European lifestyle & facilities.

less fee

Tuition fees are
cheaper by 50% as that of in India

excellent laboratory

Excellent laboratory & surgical theaters with all modern infrastructures.


Climatic conditions are congenial for growth of our body & mind.

education loan

Educational loans available from Nationalized Banks.

world wide accepted

World wide accepted curriculum.