MBBS Duration in Russia - How Long Does It Take to Complete MBBS in Russia?

MBBS Duration in Russia - How Long Does It Take to Complete MBBS in Russia?

Are you a medical aspirant looking to study MBBS in Russia but wondering about the course’s duration? Then, this blog answers your question. It talks about the duration of MBBS in Russia and highlights a few significant aspects associated with it.

Why do Indian Students choose to Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia is the world’s largest country by area and one of the most prominent military superpowers. But the country’s identity or popularity isn’t confined to these aspects only. Russia is also known for its top-quality education, especially in medicine. The country is home to over 50 medical universities, which are credible and have a solid reputation across various levels.

MBBS in Russia is particularly popular among Indian students. Every year, thousands of Indian medical aspirants enroll in Russian medical universities to study MBBS. Some reasons Indian students prefer Russia for MBBS include the following.

  • No Donations: Unlike many medical colleges and universities that require paying donations, Russian universities do not seek donations.
  • MBBS Fee in Russia: Russia MBBS fees for Indian students falls in the range of Rs. 25-35 lakhs, based on the university they choose.
  • Low Qualifying NEET Scores: You don’t necessarily have to be a top-scorer in NEET to study MBBS in Russia. Even a qualifying score can help you secure a place.
  • No Entrance Examination: Russian medical universities do not require students to appear for a medical entrance examination. However some universities entrances now a days. Federal Universities conduct Aptitude test to screen quality of students.
  • Low Living Cost: The cost of living in Russia is relatively low and affordable. That makes education and accommodation in Russia relatively economical.
  • Safety of Indian Students: Indian students can study and live in Russia safely because of the advanced security systems and arrangements.
  • Excellent Learning Infrastructure: Top Russian medical universities Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kazan State Medical University, etc., offer top learning infrastructure, extensive library facilities with a wide collection of books, well-equipped practical labs and classrooms, etc., to help students learn comfortably and comprehensively.
  • Safe and Comfortable Accommodation: Many Russian medical universities offer accommodation facilities that include adequately sized shared rooms, hot water facilities, comfortable beds, study tables, Wi-Fi, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, etc. They take complete care of students to help them focus on learning.

Duration for MBBS in Russia

Typically, MBBS duration in Russia is roughly six years. But the students also require to undergo internship for one year in India after completing the course and clearing the FMGE/ NEXT exams.

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