Why is Accommodation at a University is important for any Student Planning to Study MBBS in Russia?

Why is Accommodation at a University is important for any Student Planning to Study MBBS in Russia?

Are you planning to study MBBS in Russia? It is obvious that you have several questions in mind. Accommodation will surely be one of them. When you specifically talk about accommodation, people would usually taunt saying you are stepping out to study and not to enjoy. So, why should accommodation matter to you? But the fact is, it matters!

Accommodation is a basic necessity. And it should be concerning, especially when you are stepping out of the country for the first time. Besides, when you are about to spend six years in the country, your university accommodation should concern you as much as the academic facilities, classrooms, professors, and overall environment.

This blog from AKEC India, a reliable partner to help you study MBBS in Russia, discusses a few essential aspects that make accommodations at a university for any student looking forward to studying MBBS in Russia.

Room Comfort and Number of People

Of course, you don’t expect lavish accommodation. It isn’t required either. But your room should be spacious enough to study and move around comfortably. It shouldn’t be cluttered. It is a room and not merely a bed accommodation.

In addition, the number of people sharing the room with you should also matter, as that will further drive factors like comfort and commotion.

Most Russian universities offer decent accommodations to help students live and study comfortably. The number of students sharing the room is usually around two to four, depending on the room size and the number of rooms in the hostel.

Distance from the University

This is another significant factor why students aspiring to study MBBS in Russia should be concerned about their accommodation in Russia. While some Russian universities offer accommodation within the university campus, some make arrangements within walking distance. Nevertheless, students should check for this element, as commuting between the hostel and the university shouldn’t take as much time, energy, and cost.

Basic Amenities

Basic amenities matter as much as the room size. Accordingly, hostel rooms must have facilities like heaters, study tables, proper beds, etc. in the room.

In addition, facilities like laundry, canteen, common kitchens (for students to cook their food), basic cooking amenities in the room’s kitchen, fire alarms, CCTV cameras, and high-speed internet also are vital in helping students live comfortably, without fear and focus on what’s important for them – studies!

AKEC India has only credible universities that excel across various academic aspects, including accommodation. The universities we collaborate with have decent accommodation facilities that offer all the amenities and facilities students expect while staying and studying abroad. Besides, the accommodation offers value for the money students pay.

Recreational Aspect

Many students might ignore this aspect as they want to focus on academics. While it is wise to focus on studies, you cannot simply do it day and night.

An old adage in English says all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you do not do anything else but study, your brain will feel tired and disallow you from focusing. But spending some time interacting with other students and indulging in sports like table tennis, billiards, carrom, etc. can help refresh your brain, help you maintain physical activity, and energize and prepare you for the long study session to follow.

Thus, accommodation facilities with a recreational space that allows students to engage in games, physical activities, exercise, and meditate regularly can help them stay fit, study well, and enhance their academic performance.

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