Top 10 Points Why Study MBBS in Russia

Are you looking to study MBBS abroad? Consider studying MBBS in Russia. From high-quality education to fine infrastructure, these ten reasons make the country a leading MBBS education hub for Indian students.

About Russia

Russia, one of the largest countries in the world by area and is also one of the most literate. Indian students have been studying in Russia for the past 70 years. Indian graduates from Russia are working across the world. MBBS courses are the most preferred in the country by Indian students.

The country has an astonishing literacy rate of over 99 percent. It is also because high-quality education is available at a reasonable cost. Additionally, many Russian medical universities have global acceptance. Their course curriculum is recognized worldwide.

Why Study MBBS in Russia? | 10 Reasons to Choose Russia for MBBS

If you've been wondering, why study MBBS in Russia? Here are ten reasons.

1. High-Quality Education

Russian medical universities impart high-quality education through a competent course curriculum, updated according to changes happening across the healthcare profession. The courses focus on developing practical experts while strengthening theoretical concepts. Besides, the study modules are prepared in an easy-to-understand language to help students learn without confusion.

2. Affordable Education

The fee structure of Russian medical universities is lower than most Indian medical universities. It helps significantly lower the overall education cost. While the fee varies with the university you choose. In addition, the country's cost of living is fairly low.

However, you must avoid studying in medical colleges situated in smaller cities, because they only might have more seats for Indian students but lack basic infrastructure. As far as possible, prefer studying in medical universities in Russia’s bigger metropolitan cities to avail the best infrastructure.

3. Curriculum in English

Many Russian universities impart medical education in English. So, while studying MBBS in Russia, language isn't a concern. Besides, the class strength in most universities does not exceed 12-15 students. That allows the professors to pay personalized attention to every student and ensure comprehensive learning.

4. Competent Educational Infrastructure and Professors

Several Russian medical colleges and universities have competent medical education infrastructure. It comprises well-equipped practical laboratories, high-tech medical equipment, extensive practical exposure and rich libraries with abundant medical literature and books to refer to. Besides, universities have qualified and experienced professors, who teach dedicatedly, thus ensuring comprehensive learning.

Thus, the country's medical education infrastructure significantly shapes the student's professional skills. No wonder, annually, thousands of students travel to Russia to study MBBS.

5. Globally Recognized Medical Degree

An MBBS degree from a Russian university is recognized globally by organizations like WHO, NMC, UNESCO, European Councils, etc. The degree and your qualification as a doctor would remain valid worldwide when you study MBBS from a reputed Russian medical university.

6. Post-Graduation Opportunities

Students studying MBBS in Russia prepare themselves for the MCI Screening Test or FMGE/NExT. Hence, they have a fair chance for getting into Post graduation, diploma courses in India as well.

7. No Entrance Test for Admission

Unlike Indian medical colleges that require students to pass a medical entrance. Students can get admission based on their Higher Secondary grades or marks and NEET score. Some Universities however conduct Aptitude tests.

However, you must note that after completing MBBS in Russia, graduate students have to appear for FMGE to be able to practice medicine in India. It is customary to pass FMGE to register with the National Medical Commission or State Medical Council and work as a doctor in India.

8. Quicker Cultural Adoption

Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world. But Russians never make people from other nationalities feel inferior or ignore them. Russia is a welcoming community profoundly rooted in its social and moral values. They respect foreigners as much as their citizens. Thus, students adapt to living over there pretty quickly. They do not encounter any cultural roadblocks as such.

9. Availability of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is commonly available across many Russian cities. Besides, considering the global popularity of Indian cuisine, Indian students may also consider eating at Indian restaurants occasionally.

10. Decent Hostel Facilities

Many Russian medical universities provide students with decent hostel facilities, rooms, and canteen facilities with Indian veg and non-veg food. The availability of an Indian warden to look after Indian students makes the latter comfortable and cared for. All these factors contribute to Russia's popularity as a destination for Indian students to learn MBBS.

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