Planning of Taking a Gap. How Can A.K.Educational Consultants team help?

HSc results are a milestone and a turning point that prove instrumental in deciding the career course of many. Disappointment with one’s own performance is pretty common and understood after the HSc results. But letting it drive an emotional decision may harm a student’s career in the long run!

The most concerning decision is taking a year gap that many among the disappointed decide to take. Depending on the reason, the decision to take such gaps is often accompanied by behavioral changes. In such situations, parents are compelled to willingly or unwillingly support the decision.

But losing out on an academic year at such a crucial point in life may have several repercussions, regardless of the reason. Let’s see why students must not take a year gap and how A.K. Educational Consultants India helps such students.

Reasons for a Year gap after HSc

Let’s quickly run through some reasons students take a gap after HSc:

  • The candidates must be a bonafide Indian citizen or OCI (Overseas Citizen of India).

  • Pandemic which took a toll on the mental health

  • Excessive spoon-feeding at the coaching center results in losing the ability to self-study and resolve academic challenges on their own.

  • Inability to accept the decision and move on

  • Finding excuses to run away from any situation

  • Over thinking and stress

  • Replicating a friend’s decisions to take a gap to find college or stream of choice or do something else during that period

Why Must Students Not Take a Gap After HSc?

A year gap at any stage can cost the students a lot unless the situation is exceptional. Taking a gap creates a rift between students and studies, later the students may find it challenging to resume!

They may continue the trend. After a couple of years, when parents expect their children to start earning, the latter neither has the education qualification nor the reason to justify the gap they’ve taken. Thus, the situation compels them to settle for any meager job.

While that’s the most concerning factor, some other reasons students must avoid taking gaps include the following.

1. Success is not Guaranteed

Taking a gap does not guarantee success. You may not necessarily fulfill your objectives. The post-gap success rate is pretty low. Only students with a very high level of determination make the most from a gap. Often, students start drifting away and distancing themselves to make returning impossible.

If you plan to take a gap, you may want to examine if you are determined enough to prove your decisions right!

2. Peers Progress

Taking a year off creates a lag. Peers move ahead, and you remain behind. Thus, you become an older freshman the following year. While it isn’t a problem for many, it could pose a psychological impediment for some. That might affect studies! In other words, the world moves ahead while you remain out of touch.

3. Gaps May Become Expensive!

Pausing academics for a year and doing nothing but de-stressing yourself, indulging in traveling, fun, etc., can benefit you psychologically. But it costs a lot of money. Since you’d be only spending and not earning anything, it might take toil in your parents’ pocket. Considering the increasing cost of education, continuing learning the next year may go beyond their financial reach.

Of course, it must be remembered that not every child takes a gap to only de-stress, enjoy or take a break from studies. Some support the family financially by taking a temporary professional course and a temporary job.

4. The Gap May Create an Unbreakable Comfort Zone

The lost momentum and willingness to study may create a bubble, which could be very difficult to break later on. Waking up late and doing almost nothing throughout the day could cost you a lot. These habits, especially considering your age, may affect your future. You may find it difficult to resume. That may stress and frustrate you, thus worsening the situation.

How does A.K. Educational Consultants India help? | Early Starters Benefit More!

Do you plan to study MBBS and intend to take a gap to prepare for entrance examinations? Think again. We can help you with your endeavors to study MBBS without taking a gap. How?

We conduct an effective and useful counseling session to help students overcome the mental block of the year gap. Our team of professional counselors make students understand why starting early is beneficial, and how they can enroll in MBBS in Russia without requiring them to take a gap to prepare for an entrance test, etc.

MBBS from Russia is recognized in India. It is a prestigious qualification to have. Besides, it does not require any entrance test. Accordingly, we help students with various options to study MBBS in Russia, complete documentation and introduce them to several useful assistance.

So, before you take a gap to study MBBS, talk to us. We can help you overcome your fears and craft your future!

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