Indian Extravaganza 2023 - Celebrating Cultures!

Indian Extravaganza 2023

While studying thousands of miles away in a foreign country, you seldom get the time and opportunity to connect with your culture. Most people think this way. But that's wrong - at least when you study MBBS in Russia at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University through A.K. Educational Consultants! Yes. Our event Indian Extravaganza gives students an exciting opportunity to reconnect with their culture and enjoy cultural harmony. But what is Indian Extravaganza and what's so special about it? Here's more.

What is Indian Extravaganza?

Studying abroad doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and mundane. It could be fun, provided someone takes the initiative and makes students’ stay more interesting and meaningful.

Indian Extravaganza is an exclusive event, exemplifying A.K. Educational Consultants efforts towards showcasing India’s cultural grandeur and providing students an opportunity to connect with their country’s culture on foreign soil.

A.K. Educational Consultants conducts an Indian Extravaganza every year for its students studying MBBS at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. The event is an auspicious and vibrant celebration of cross-cultural harmony. It pays respect to the cultures of India and Russia through various festivities, performances, speeches, and engaging interactions with students, faculty members, the Indian diaspora in Kaliningrad, and various other dignitaries. The event creates unforgettable memories for all the participants with its various versatile programs.

What Happens During Indian Extravaganza?

The chronology of events at the Indian Extravaganza differs every year. However, what remains common is events that include but aren’t limited to the following.

  • National anthems of both nations
  • Honouring last year's students
  • Presentation on Indian and Russian culture
  • Felicitation of faculty members and other staff members of the university
  • Performances showcasing the rich cultural vibrance of various Indian states
  • Speeches and guidance of guests, Dr. Amit Kamle, directors and faculty members of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia through A.K.Educational Consultants India

A.K.Educational Consultants is a name every student aspiring to study MBBS in Russia can bank upon. To date, the organisation has helped thousands of students travel to Russia to study MBBS at some of the most reputed and globally recognized top medical universities in Russia. If you also intend to study MBBS in Russia, here’s why having A.K. Educational Consultants India by your side proves advantageous.

  • Extensive and appropriate counselling
  • Assistance in selecting the right university
  • End-to-end documentation assistance
  • Comprehensive travel assistance
  • Pre-departure ceremony to prepare students better for their academic venture
  • FMGE preparation assistance
  • Cultural, sports and many other extra-curricular events in Russian universities
  • Unwavering student support during adverse situations and tough times
  • Annual parents meeting
  • Onsite assistance to make students feel comfortable in Russia

Choose A.K.Educational Consultants India if you wish to study MBBS in Russia. We are here to make your journey in Russia blissful, safe and fun. Connect with us at +91-77458 87555 to explore more about our value proposition.

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